Friday, April 22, 2011

Current Status

Hey guys just wanted to pop on and let you all know that I have not vanished, just been extremely busy with alot and a blog was last thing to update lol... Thanks to Richard from the eternal warriors podcast he rekindled my drive to post what i've been upto. So in short besides learning alot in the healthcare field, i have 3 gaming projects i've been working on.

1: Blood Raven army for Veterans families
 I am building a Blood Raven army that i am going to sell this summer and all proceeds will be going to Veterans and Veterans families.

2: 40k league
 I have been running a 8 week long league that will climax in a 16-20k Apoc battle. I'm hoping i'll have time to record it and do a battle report.

3: Custom veteran squads
 I have been buliding and converting 2-3 veteran squads into special squads with a unique look, i have one that is themed as Army Rangers, USMC Force Recon, and just cause i saw the tallaran i made them into the Taliban complete with missile launcher and ak47s, the rangers and recon models are all using custom wpns m16s and heads that i found online. I'll be doing a post and probebly a youtube video on  each squad.

Anyway i'll be working on those 3 things and also i'll do my best to keep the blog updated :)

Thanks for reading.