Friday, June 17, 2011

Battle for Nexus Summer Campaign

Upcoming in late July/early august i'll be running another league at my FLGS and be running it close to the same way i did last time. Looking for interesting mission types or customer missions people think are cool. Reply with a link and i'll check it out if you have one to share.

Status update on my life...

Finally moved into my new place and i have a whole room for my hobby and room for 4 4x4 gaming tables and to also start the podcast i want in july.

My specialty vet squads are coming along and should be complete in a few weeks if not earlier. i am having issues finding good heads for my Marine Recon Vet squad, almost done with my Army Ranger and Talliban Squads (anyone know where i can find a good model to scale of osama?)

My blood raven's for Veterans project is almost complete  would like to have another  5 man squad of termies for it.

I want to thank Randy for donating a Landraider for the project last month.