Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Huge Update

OK everyone just thought i would do a update on current events. Myself and 2 other friends have picked up everythign we need to start the podcast we have been wanting to start for over a year..... well i picked up everything but oh well lol. i have also registered the domain name and hosting for it so keep an eye out for that when i announce the first episode.

The other thing is i will be filming more and more battle reports at least 2 a month  once i get back from my vacation,

Our podcast will be coving wargaming in general, we have our primary focus on 40k and warmachine but we will have segments on games of the genre. if there is something you would like us to try out or see how we like it we are always willing to try any game out for hell of it :)

you can comment here or when we launch the website later this month , one other thing the website is  www.wargamingsealots.com it's not up yet but i have secured the domain and working on the website now.

thanks and please leave comments if you have any advise or requests