Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wargaming Zealots Podcast

I know it's been a long time but life and some luck my podcast is now up and runing. you can check it out at

I have a forum and link space available. there is a donation button also but dont expect any of those donation yet. We have recorded 2 episodes at of last night. i hope to see you guys there.

Couple more things. I wanted to thank, the following people for there help and just being good people in the community that i might have missed.

The Eternal warriors, Overlords Podcast, Life After the Cover save, Rich (former host of tew podcast).

i will be updating this more and more now that everything is getting into motion. i could use help jon how to add my podcast to itunes but seem to be getting a error when i try. if anyone acan help i would appreciate it.

thanks and please do comment and critique we want to get better.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Huge Update

OK everyone just thought i would do a update on current events. Myself and 2 other friends have picked up everythign we need to start the podcast we have been wanting to start for over a year..... well i picked up everything but oh well lol. i have also registered the domain name and hosting for it so keep an eye out for that when i announce the first episode.

The other thing is i will be filming more and more battle reports at least 2 a month  once i get back from my vacation,

Our podcast will be coving wargaming in general, we have our primary focus on 40k and warmachine but we will have segments on games of the genre. if there is something you would like us to try out or see how we like it we are always willing to try any game out for hell of it :)

you can comment here or when we launch the website later this month , one other thing the website is it's not up yet but i have secured the domain and working on the website now.

thanks and please leave comments if you have any advise or requests

Friday, June 17, 2011

Battle for Nexus Summer Campaign

Upcoming in late July/early august i'll be running another league at my FLGS and be running it close to the same way i did last time. Looking for interesting mission types or customer missions people think are cool. Reply with a link and i'll check it out if you have one to share.

Status update on my life...

Finally moved into my new place and i have a whole room for my hobby and room for 4 4x4 gaming tables and to also start the podcast i want in july.

My specialty vet squads are coming along and should be complete in a few weeks if not earlier. i am having issues finding good heads for my Marine Recon Vet squad, almost done with my Army Ranger and Talliban Squads (anyone know where i can find a good model to scale of osama?)

My blood raven's for Veterans project is almost complete  would like to have another  5 man squad of termies for it.

I want to thank Randy for donating a Landraider for the project last month.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Current Status

Hey guys just wanted to pop on and let you all know that I have not vanished, just been extremely busy with alot and a blog was last thing to update lol... Thanks to Richard from the eternal warriors podcast he rekindled my drive to post what i've been upto. So in short besides learning alot in the healthcare field, i have 3 gaming projects i've been working on.

1: Blood Raven army for Veterans families
 I am building a Blood Raven army that i am going to sell this summer and all proceeds will be going to Veterans and Veterans families.

2: 40k league
 I have been running a 8 week long league that will climax in a 16-20k Apoc battle. I'm hoping i'll have time to record it and do a battle report.

3: Custom veteran squads
 I have been buliding and converting 2-3 veteran squads into special squads with a unique look, i have one that is themed as Army Rangers, USMC Force Recon, and just cause i saw the tallaran i made them into the Taliban complete with missile launcher and ak47s, the rangers and recon models are all using custom wpns m16s and heads that i found online. I'll be doing a post and probebly a youtube video on  each squad.

Anyway i'll be working on those 3 things and also i'll do my best to keep the blog updated :)

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dice Like Thunder moving and changing to The Eternal Warriors

If you refreshed the DLT website late Saturday you saw that Dice Like Thunder's Hosts are Starting a new Podcast called The Eternal Warriors they will still be focusing on warhammer 40k and warmachine. So please support the hosts and join the guys in November for episode #1!!!!

new website's address

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thunderwolf Debate

Now every codex has some of these issues when GW makes a unit with no model and you're never quite sure what it will look like or even what base it will be on. I have seen both sides of this debate and hell i have been on both sides of the debate, but when i called GW customer care and thought i would get an answer to this question i knew it was a longshot.

My question to GW and local players is what size base is correct for the thunder wolf cavalry?

Now to explain in the beginning i used bikes as proxies while i waited for my models from to arrive in the mail, but when i did that i felt i was not playing in the spirit of the game. I knew in my heart that the bases of these hit or miss units had to be bigger cause of the other models that seemed to fit the size that i imagined the models.

Back to the question what base to use? well i can tell you after trying bike/cavalry bases and feeling like i was cheating in some way, i then tried 40mm bases and that felt better. It wasn't till i got my models from and assembled and painted them and finally played them on the field did i truly feel that the Thunder wolf cavalry belongs on a 60mm base, i say this cause of my understanding of the fluff and also they need to stand out also.

Here is where i back up and look forward to you're comments, my two primary examples are Bloodcrushers from Chaos Daemons (there a large mount with a rider), and obviously Canis Wolfborn is on a thunder wolf. Canis's special rule to me just says he is not to be placed on another base to abuse his ability, not that i would accually use canis in a game cause i feel he is over priced and with a leadership of 7 is rubbish but i'll cover that topic another day.

To give you an example of what a thunderwolf cavalry assault can do..... they have a base attack of 4, 5 attacks on the assault, increased toughness and strength, 12" assault, and the fleet trait via cavalry trait in addition to a 2 wound model.

So on the charge the unit gets 5 attacks  at WS 4 and Strength 5 with a chance of rending on each model if you don't upgrade there CC wpn. not to mention a 3+ invulnerable save and if you upgrade 1 model with a wpn of you're choice wether it be 2 wolf claws or a thunderhammer w/ storm shield then it's 5 strength 10 attacks.

Now the comparison to the Bloodcrushers

WS (5),BS (0) S (5), T (5), W (2), I (4), A (3), Ld (10), Sv. 4+ (5+i)

So just off the line the Bloodcrusher is at a disadvantage cause the TWC have 1 more base attack better unit upgrades.

Soo in closing if you know of a good reason why Thunderwolf Cavalry should not be on 60mm bases please comment below  i have also linked pictures to my finished TWC unit with my conversion of a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf.

Jason K.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

People who complain about there army.....

I know we run into them, those players who complain about there armies but still play them and the worse part is when those people complain and there winning, or loosing cause the only mistake they made was tactical.

I normally get in a normal game with a local gamer and he either plays Chaos Space marines, or Chaos Daemons. Now i know that his issues with his daemon armies with only having to deep strike as a option can suck. BUT when he sits there and complains to me  as he rolling 40+ dice in an assault  against my terminators and complains that my army is overpowered when he is rollign 40+ dice and on 6's to wound it's rending...... when he gets to assault my squads i have only a hope and a prayer that i can get a few attacks in before they die. 

I know that odds are he's gonna get a few 6's and and if he hits  50% of the time that still 20 dice  that on a 5-6 he's gonna get wounds on me where my counter attack gives me 3-4 attacks per model.... where he's getting 5-6 per model...

I'm sure other players have seen this guy or played against him but is this just poor sportsmanship at least i feel it is, cause i know when i play my IG or SW and i know his deamons get into close combat i'm gonna probebly loose cause deamons get sooo many base attacks not to mention he gets offensive and defensive grenades so he negates my assualt bonuses............ it's so frustrating.

More than once i have talked to him telling him that why are you whining about you're army "YOU'RE WINNING!" now i dont mind loosing but he's one of 3 brothers who play and the other 2 are the same always complaining about there armies when it seems they don't realize how deadly there armies could be. 

I concider myself a good player and a good sport and also a tournament player, so every game i play i try to keep calm and raise questions when I need them answered. 

What i'm saying is if you're a player complaining about you're army then either shelve it till new rules come out or adapt the army to the current rules, don't ruin our experience cause you have an army that frustrates you. it's just a game and there is no need to ruin it for everyone, if you can't get past the bad parts of you're army then play another army find the FUN in the game don't play a game that is no fun for you.

Let me know what you guys think.