Wednesday, October 20, 2010

People who complain about there army.....

I know we run into them, those players who complain about there armies but still play them and the worse part is when those people complain and there winning, or loosing cause the only mistake they made was tactical.

I normally get in a normal game with a local gamer and he either plays Chaos Space marines, or Chaos Daemons. Now i know that his issues with his daemon armies with only having to deep strike as a option can suck. BUT when he sits there and complains to me  as he rolling 40+ dice in an assault  against my terminators and complains that my army is overpowered when he is rollign 40+ dice and on 6's to wound it's rending...... when he gets to assault my squads i have only a hope and a prayer that i can get a few attacks in before they die. 

I know that odds are he's gonna get a few 6's and and if he hits  50% of the time that still 20 dice  that on a 5-6 he's gonna get wounds on me where my counter attack gives me 3-4 attacks per model.... where he's getting 5-6 per model...

I'm sure other players have seen this guy or played against him but is this just poor sportsmanship at least i feel it is, cause i know when i play my IG or SW and i know his deamons get into close combat i'm gonna probebly loose cause deamons get sooo many base attacks not to mention he gets offensive and defensive grenades so he negates my assualt bonuses............ it's so frustrating.

More than once i have talked to him telling him that why are you whining about you're army "YOU'RE WINNING!" now i dont mind loosing but he's one of 3 brothers who play and the other 2 are the same always complaining about there armies when it seems they don't realize how deadly there armies could be. 

I concider myself a good player and a good sport and also a tournament player, so every game i play i try to keep calm and raise questions when I need them answered. 

What i'm saying is if you're a player complaining about you're army then either shelve it till new rules come out or adapt the army to the current rules, don't ruin our experience cause you have an army that frustrates you. it's just a game and there is no need to ruin it for everyone, if you can't get past the bad parts of you're army then play another army find the FUN in the game don't play a game that is no fun for you.

Let me know what you guys think.


  1. Sorry to hear you have to put up with such whiny opponents, though I think that's a fairly widespread complaint. I've run into a few people like that over the years who see everyone's army except their own as being horribly overpowered and unfair to play against, and do so despite their own enviable win-loss record of course. Best wishes dealing with this issue!

  2. I played this player again this week in a big team game and he was a much better sport and he came upto me later and said he was sorry for the way he acted. I told him that if he's having that much issue with a deep striking rule army then shelve them take a break from them. He's a good guy and i know it and he is my friend, but i just never understood why players complain about a army even when there winning. but lets hope he is honestly trying to change.